October 17, 1913

A Board of Inquiry looks into the case and order the 39 to be deported. Their lawyer J. Edward Bird appears before Justice Dennis Murphy who hears submissions and eventually dismisses the case. Bird then goes to Chief Justice Gordon Hunter, who upholds their appeal. Even 4 of the 39 who had been ordered deported for medical reasons, escape from detention and cannot be found. Hunter’s word’s are final, and the remainder of the 39 passengers are released.

November 1913

The Ghadar Party is formed in Astoria Oregon, branching off from the Hindustanee Association, which has branches in Astoria, Vancouver and San Francisco. The Ghadar party is a radical Indian Nationalist revolutionary group, which fights against British colonization of India. On November 1st, 1913 they publish their first Newspaper, the “Ghadar.”




December 1913

The Ghadar Party makes several militaristic speeches and nationalistic poetry is read in the Gurudwara. These are heard by British undercover agent William Hopkinson who begins preparations to crack down on the party and its leaders.


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