Komagata Maru: Challenging Injustice

The South Asian Studies Institute presents the exhibit “Komagata Maru: Challenging Injustice” which offers a vibrant and visual exploration into historic events of 1914 in Vancouver but also how the conversations about racism needs to continue. The virtual launch at the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple, Abbotsford, BC, held on April 14, 2021 featured local dignitaries and poetry reading.

The exhibit is available for viewing all year from April 2021 – March 2022. An exterior permanent installation of the exhibit is also available for viewing seven days a week from 9:30am – 4:30pm.

The exhibit was curated by South Asian Studies Institute at the University of the Fraser Valley in 2021 from the original exhibit presented by the Vancouver Maritime Museum in 2014 to commemorate the 100 year centenary of the Komagata Maru.


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