March 1907

In March 1907, British Columbia Premier Bowser introduces a bill to disenfranchise all ‘natives not of Anglo-Saxon parents.’ In April 1907 South Asians were denied the vote in Vancouver by changes in the Municipality Incorporation Act. The Federal vote was denied by default as one had to be on the provincial voter’s list to vote federally. South Asians would be barred from the political process in Canada for the next 40 years until 1947 when the vote was reinstated.


September 5, 1907

The Bellingham Riots take place in the United States where 500 Caucasian men attack mills along the waterfront driving out all the 200 South Asians who work there. Lodging houses are also attacked, and the South Asians living there are stripped and whipped. 400 South Asians are placed under the protection of authorities and placed in jail or in city hall for their protection. Six Sikhs are also badly injured and sent to the hospital.





September 7, 1907

Race Riots take place in Vancouver. More than 10,000 people take part and riot through China and Japan town. The mob includes several high profile politicians including the Vancouver Mayor. The riot is in response to the soon to arrive ship Monteagle which is alleged to bring a “large” number of Asian immigrants. The protests/riots are organized by the Vancouver Trades and Labour Council and the Asiatic Exclusion League. The mobs chant the racist anthem called “White Canada Forever.