Prakash Aujla


Date of Birth:
Village Patara, Jalandhar, Punjab
Current City:
Golden, BC

Prakash Aujla was born in the village Patara, Jalandhar in Punjab, India on January 29, 1937. She immigrated to Canada in 1972 with her husband and her youngest daughter and her other two children would join the family two and a half years later. Prakash came as a visitor to attend her younger brother’s wedding but then applied for immigration as her whole family lived here. In the beginning, Prakash didn’t like living in Canada because she used to feel the difference between India and Canada but with time she got used to the lifestyle and started liking it. Her husband started working at the saw mill and retired from the same saw mill.

Prakash worked for a while at a motel called the Gate Motel. Almost all men worked at the saw mill while women stayed at home and took care of the children. Prakash has been here for almost 50 years now and she has only visited India three times. Earlier, her husband would go to Kelowna, BC to work for two months and Prakash’s brother took her to Kelowna to live there with her husband as per her father’s request. When she went to Kelowna, her husband wanted to work and live there but she didn’t want to live there and wanted to go back to Golden, BC. Her brother and father tried to convince her to live in Kelowna but she didn’t agree. So, she came back to Golden and her husband worked for two months in Kelowna and came back. Prakash lived a very beautiful life here with her family.