Harjinder Kaur Randhawa

Udawal, District Mehatpur, Punjab
Current City:
Kelowna, BC

Harjinder Kaur Randhawa was born in village Udawal, District Mehatpur, Punjab in India and immigrated to Canada in 2001 with her husband and children. Her daughter who was already residing in Canada filed for their residency. Harjinder landed in Vancouver, BC in December, 2001 with her family and they went to Kelowna, BC where they have been living for the past sixteen years.

Her elder daughter worked in Vancouver and they lived with their son and younger daughter in Kelowna. Her husband, son and daughter worked in the same company and Harjinder worked at the farms occasionally. She looked after her grandchildren and that’s how she passed her time. She and her husband did not feel well in the initial years of coming to Canada but things eventually became comfortable over the years. According to Harjinder, the Punjabi community celebrated festivals such as Diwali, Vaisakhi and Lohri at the gurdwara (Sikh Temple) in Kelowna. Everyone greeted each other at the gurdwara and loved each other.

She did not face any racism in Kelowna and she was in good terms with their neighbors who were European descent families. Her grandson was very fond of an elderly European descent lady that lived next to their house and he would present her plants. She did sometimes feel discomforted at the workplace as the employer would not give her salary and she did not have a car to travel to work. Apart, from all the challenges the Randhawa family faced Harjinder has enjoyed her journey in Canada so far and is now well settled in Kelowna.