Harkrishan Minhas

Date of Birth:
September 1st, 1933
Village Paldi, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Current City:
Prince George, BC



Harkrishan Singh Minhas was born in Paldi, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab, on September 1, 1933. His younger brother applied for his permanent residency and he moved to Canada with his family from England. Harkrishan had been living in England before coming to Canada. He landed in Vancouver and then went to Nanaimo to meet and live with his brother, who worked there. Harkrishan had been working in the chemical industry in England and joined a forest company in Houston, BC after living in Nanaimo for 4 months.

Getting a job was not difficult for Harkrishan as he spoke English. After getting work in Houston, he decided to live in Duncan and then moved to Prince George in the year 1982. Apart from his professional life, Harkrishan was the president of the Gurdwara in Prince George and the secretary of the Gurdwara in Nanaimo. His friends helped him settle well in Canada, especially one friend, Mr. Dhami, who helped Harkrishan a lot. He believes that knowing English was a valuable asset for living in Canada.

Harkrishan earlier resided in Singapore and had applied for immigration through the Voucher System by the Government of England in 1963. It was a system where people who served in the military and security fields were given an opportunity to immigrate to England. Harkrishan took this opportunity and  moved to England along with his mother and two brothers. He often travels to India now and strongly believes that if you live truthfully and work hard, you can achieve anything in the world.