Jitendra Kumar Singh



Date of Birth:
July 29th, 1945
Fiji Islands
Current City:
Prince George, BC

Jitendra Singh Kumar was born on July 29, 1945 in Fiji, and travelled to Canada as a visitor in 1967 at the age of twenty-two. His elder brother Partap Singh, who lived in Burnaby, sent him a plane ticket to travel to Canada and Jitendra stayed with him for three weeks. After this, he moved to Upper Fraser, fifty miles from Prince George, to work in the mills.

Jitendra lived in the bunk houses until he worked in the mills. He went back to Fiji in 1972 to get married and returned to Canada after his marriage. He recalls that he applied for his permanent residency and obtained it under the Trudeau government. For the first five years, Jitendra Singh worked in very cold regions where the temperatures varied from -48 to -52 degrees Celsius. Later, he bought a house in Prince George.

Jitendra stopped working in the year 2001 due to an eye injury. He has three children who are well settled and live in Canada.