Joginder Singh Bains

Date of Birth:
Village 102, District Multan, Punjab
Current City:
Prince George, BC

Joginder Singh Bains was born in village number 102, district Multan, Punjab, India (now Pakistan) in 1942 and came to Canada as a visitor in 1972. He landed in Vancouver and travelled to Prince George to meet his aunt (his mother’s sister). Joginder started working in the mills in Prince George and invited his family to Canada after obtaining his permanent resident status. He worked in the mills for thirty years and retired after that.

Joginder didn’t face any problems with white people in Prince George. He was an active volunteer in the construction of the gurdwara and served the community. Joginder remembers that there was a dispute related to the use of chairs or sitting on mats for the langar, (communal meal), after which the parties split and a new gurdwara was constructed. Joginder does not travel much to India because of health issues and he does not like the current situation in India. With regards to his social life, Joginder worked most of the time and did not have much time to socialize with others.