Surjit Manhas

Village Bham. District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Current City:
Prince George, BC

Surjit Kaur Minhas was born in the village Bham, district Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. She came to Canada after her husband applied for her permanent residency. She resided in England before coming to Canada and moved to Canada with her children. She landed in Vancouver and then went to Victoria to join her husband as he lived there.

Surjit worked at the farms and restaurants and also looked after the house and the children.  She worked at the farms when the family lived in Nanaimo, and then moved to Prince George. She would travel to Nanaimo to work at the farms for 2 – 3 years after moving to Prince George and then started working in Prince George. She enjoyed her work as everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves at work.

Surjit and her friends would get together and go to the stores and enjoy each other’s company after work. According to Surjit, the Punjabi community did not have any problems with the Indigenous people and they were in good terms with them. Surjit is happy that her children have studied, received higher education and are now well settled in life. She has been to India about 7 times after coming to Canada, but her health does not permit her to travel much now.