The Chapters

1. Introduction & Explanation of the Farm Bills

2. Demonstration of Rail Roko/Stop the Trains

3. Movement of Delhi Chalo/March to Delhi

4. Agricultural Pre-History: Colonial, Post-Colonial and Present Day

5. The Consequences of the Green Revolution

6. The Indo-Canadian Diaspora’s Response to the Farmers’ Movement

7. The Sikh Practice of Sewa/Selfless Service at the Protest Sites

8. The Narratives of Khalistan/Sikh Separatist Movement

9. The Rise of International Attention and Counter Protests

10. 100 Day Mark of Protests in Delhi, India

11. The Involvement of Female Protesters and Celebration of Women’s Day

12. Complaint from Toronto’s Indian Consulate to Ontario’s Ministry of Education

13. The Surge of Covid-19 at the Delhi Protest Sites

14. Black Flag Day/6-Month Mark of Protests in Delhi, India

15. India’s Independence Day & A Global Sleepout Demonstration

16. Repeal of the Farm Bills

All photos by Himanshu Dua @roundearthsquarepictures