Staff and Co-op students

Satwinder Bains

Satwinder Bains

Dr. Satwinder Kaur Bains is the Director of the South Asian Studies Institute at the University of the Fraser Valley and is an Associate Professor in Social Cultural Media Studies. Her current research interests include migration, settlement, and integration; cross-cultural education and curriculum implementation; race, racism, and ethnicity; identity politics; South Asian Canadian Diaspora studies and Punjabi Canadian cultural historiographies. Satwinder has extensive years of professional experience in community development and has worked extensively with organizations in the area of cross-cultural mental health, immigrant women, youth, and families and on diversity, equity, inclusion, cross cultural development, women’s rights, and socio-religious interfaith dialogue. She serves the community as a diversity educator, community developer and community activist in the field of anti-racism and immigrant settlement integration.

Sadhvi Suri

Sadhvi Suri is a Digital Asset Technician and Assistant Web Developer for the South Asian Canadian Digital Archive Project. She also worked earlier this year at SASI as research assistant on the Fraser River Funeral home Project.

Currently, Sadhvi is also completing her fourth-year in Computer Information Systems pursuing a majors in software development at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Born and brought-up in beautiful Chandigarh, Sadhvi was very excited to join UFV as a transfer student from the Indian campus of UFV – Fraser Valley India, also located in Chandigarh. Sadhvi has been an excellent student who is not just focused on her grades but also developing her leadership and public speaking skills and her passion for photography. She has been the President for the UFV India Toastmasters club and the Vice President for UFV’s Photography club. She has been a recipient of prestigious Student Recognition Award for exceptional Leadership.

Apart from her expertise in Java, Android Development Studio, SQL, and XML, Sadhvi portrays her creative and artistic expressions through beautiful paintings and sketches. She is a food lover and loves to experiment making delicious dishes. In Sadhvi’s own words, “since day one, I want to be laser-focused to set things right and to reach the pinnacle of success for myself, my team at the South Asian Studies Institute and the university”.

Arshdeep Sandhu

Arshdeep Sandhu is an Assistant Web Developer for the South Asian Canadian Digital Archive Project at the South Asian Studies Institute. Currently, he is in his fourth year of Computer Information Systems at the University of the Fraser Valley. He also had a Bachelor of Computer Applications from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

In 2018, Arshdeep started his journey in Canada as an international student pursing his studies at the University of Fraser Valley with a major in Software Development. Due to his passion for computers and his focus on studies he wants to become a software developer in the future.

Whether it’s finding the most elegant way to write a line of code or figuring out which chord fits best into the progression, he loves to find a way to discover a solution. Studying psychology and rationality in his spare time helps him figure how people think.

When he is not in front of computer, he loves to read books, especially related to human behaviour and thinking. His personal favourites are Atomic Habits and Thinking Fast and Slow. He is a gym freak too and keeps himself in shape by going gym four to five days a week. His theory for life is that you need three things in life: your health, your mission, and the people you love.