Imperial propaganda postcards


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Imperial propaganda postcards. 




2 postcards : col. ; the first is a hand drawn image that shows two men in military uniform walking together. The man on the left is wearing a military uniform with a cap, Sam Browne belt with holster, and puttees. The man on the right is wearing a belt with a sheath, a turban with a crescent moon, and puttees. Above the image is a golden image of a man riding an elephant. Above the top right and left corners of the image are two coloured Union Jack flags. Below the picture is text that reads, “COMRADES / “Indian, with no less alacrity, has / claimed her share in the common task. / Every class and creed, British and Nat[ive?] / Princes and People, Hindoos and Mahometa… / vie with one another in a noble and emul… / rivalry. Two divisions of her magnificent An… / are already on their way.” / -- From the Guildhall Speech of / THE RT. HON. H. H. ASQUITH / Prime Minister of Great Britain.” 

The second postcard consists of a cartoon drawing of four soldiers standing in a group facing different directions. The soldiers represent those from, Canada, India, Australia, and Great Britain. The soldier in the front is kneeling on one knee and is holding a rifle with a bayonet on the end. He is representing Great Britain and is wearing a red coat and cap, with black pants with a red stripe. Behind him, also looking forward, is a man representing India. He is wearing a yellow and black striped turban, with a black coat. The soldier on the right is facing the right side and is holding a rifle. He is wearing a solar topee helmet, a red coat, a Sam Browne belt, and black pants with a yellow stripe. The man on the left is facing the left side and is holding a rifle. He is wearing a brimmed hat with a black feather, a brown coat, and tan coloured pants. Behind the soldiers is an outline of a large naval vessel. Below the cartoon is text written in blue ink that reads, “WE DON’T WANT TO FIGHT, / BUT BY JINGO, IF WE DO, / WE’VE GOT MEN, AND COIN / AND SHIPS, AND GUNS. / TO SEE IT THROUGH, / AND THROUGH & THROUGH.” Each corner of the poster has a crest with text below it. The top left crest’s caption reads, “CANADA,” the top right crest’s caption reads, “INDIA,” the bottom left crest’s caption reads, “AUSTRALIA,” and the bottom right crest’s caption reads, “GREAT BRITAIN.” 



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Textual record. 


2 postcards : col. ; 400 ppi. 


Indus Media Foundation of Canada. 

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British Empire history. 

Propaganda, British—History—20
th century.
World War, 1914-1918.