Letter from Nagindar Singh Gill to Mr. Harold Winch


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Letter from Nagindar Singh Gill to Mr. Harold Winch. 


24 Mar. 1944. 


1 letter : sepia toned ; sent by Nagindar Singh Gill to Mr. Harold Winch. The letter reads, "Dear Mr. Winch: / We wish to convey to you our deepest apprecia- / tion of the manner in which your party brought the matter / of the East Indian franchise before the House during the / session just concluded. / It did bring the matter to the attention of the / general public. We are firmly convinced that his injustice / exists merely because the great majority of the people do / not know of its existence. / It is encouraging to realize that there are still / people in our public life today who can see these issues in / their true perspective, and have the courage to act on their / convictions. Our community is appreciative of the fact that / you lead a party of men and women who have a realistic / concept of what we are fight for, and who can see the / realization of these larger principles to the problems / close at hand. / Please convey appreciation to the other members of / your party in the House. / Sincerely yours, / Nagindar Singh Gill, / Secretary." 


Nagindar Singh Gill. 

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Textual record. 


1 letter : sepia toned ; 600 ppi. 


The Komagata Maru Journey - Arjan Singh Chand collection. 

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Gill, Nagindar Singh. 


Voting rights-Canada-British Columbia.
Winch, Harold.