Paldi lumber yard


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Paldi lumber yard. 


[ca. 1935]. 


1 photograph : sepia toned ; of a group portrait of 19 men and one woman sitting in front of a Khalsa Diwan Society building. At the centre of the image is a stairwell leading to the building and there is a bench on each side of the stairwell. Two men are sitting on their hip in front of the stairwell, three men sitting on the first step, three men on the second, three men on the third step, and a woman sitting at the top step. There are four men sitting on the left bench and one man standing behind them. The right bench has four men sitting on it and two men standing behind it. According to the Reach Gallery Museum, the top row consists of “Balwant (hat), Atma (cap), Moonie (hat), Sabies (lt. turban), Beer Singh, (dark turban), Singh (face faded). Second row, left to right: ? Singh, Ject Grewal, Bachan Gorum, Bachan Singh, Parceet Singh, Harinder (white shirt), Kartar Singh, Kehar Singh (black jacket), Pacheent “Baba” Singh, Hardal Singh (with face faded out, was the first Indo Canadian born in Canada. His father was hung by the British in India) and Jangeer Mann.” 

A wooden door stands directly behind the stairwell. The window on it has text that reads, “KHALSA DIWAN / SOCIETY.” 



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Graphic material. 


1 photograph : sepia toned ; 400 ppi. 


The Reach Gallery Archives. 

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For non-commercial use only. 


British Columbia—Vancouver Island—Paldi.
Group portraits. 

Historic buildings. 

Lumber industry.