Petition of the Dominion Women’s Christian Temperance Union


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Petition of the Dominion Women's Christian Temperance Union. 




1 petition : col. ; signed by the governing body of the Dominion Women's Christian Temperance Union with Mrs. Ella F. M. Williams calling for women's suffrage. The petition reads, "To the Honorable the Senate of the Dominion of Canada in / Parliament assembled: / The Petition of the DOMINION WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION / Humbly sheweth : / THAT, WHEREAS, of the 4,833,239 inhabitants of the Dominion of Canada the proportion of men and / women are nearly equal. / AND., WHEREAS, in mental power and purity of morals the average woman is equal to the average man. / AND, WHEREAS, no evil effects seem to have followed the granting of Municipal and School Suffrage / to properly qualified women in some of the Provinces of this Dominion. / AND, WHEREAS, the women of a Nation have at least as much interest as the men in securing laws / prohibiting vice, inculcating virtue and tending to the preservation of National peace and prosperity. / AND, WHEREAS, Canadian women, equally with men, are governed and punished by the laws enacted / by the Dominion Parliament, which is now entirely composed of men representing men only. / THEREFORE, Your Petitioners humbly pray your Honourable Body to enact a law during the present / session of Parliament, providing that the rights of citizenship shall not be denied nor abridged on account of / sex, but that full Parliamentary Franchise shall be granted to the women of this Dominion on the same / terms as to the men. / And Your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray. / For the 8,000 members of the Dominion Women's Christian Temperance Union. / [signatures follow] Ella F. M. Williams. President / Harriot T. Todd Vice President / Annie O[?] Rutherford. Recording Secretary / Julia Tilley - [?] / Roberta G Gifton[?] Treasurer[?] / Henrietta Muir Edwards Supply Franchise." 


Dominion Women's Christian Temperance Union. 

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Textual record. 


1 petition : col. ; 72 ppi. 


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MIKAN no. 1600659 



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Dominion of Canada. 

Dominion Woman's Christian Temperance Union. 

Edwards, Henrietta Muir, 1849-1931. 

Rutherford, Annie. 

Tilley, Julia. 

Todd, Harriot T. 

Voting rights-Canada. 

Williams, Ella F. M.
Women's suffrage-1910-1920.