The Heathen Chinee in British Columbia


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The Heathen Chinee in British Columbia. 


26 Apr. 1879. 


1 newspapers : b&w ; of the Canadian Illustrated News. The front cover of the newspaper has a political cartoon on it. The cartoon shows a bearded man wearing a top hat, a formal coat, tie, vest, and trousers holding on to the shoulder of a Chinese man with a moustache. The man in the top hat appears to be leading the Chinese man away from a store and towards a dock that has a ship in the background. The store has a sign above the door; the sign has text that reads, "CHEE LUNG / WASHING IRONING."
Above the cartoon there is text that reads, "Vol. IXI-No. 17. / MONTREAL, SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 1879. / SINGLE COPIES, TEN CENTS. / $4 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE." The cartoon has a caption below it that reads, "THE HEATHEN CHINEE[sic] IN BRITISH COLUMBIA. / AMORE DE COSMOS, i.e. :-The Love of the World or the Lover of Mankind.-HEATHEN CHINEE:-Why you sendee me offee? / A. D. C. :-Because you can't or won't 'assimilate' with us.-HEATHEN CHINEE:-What is datee?-A. D. C. :-You won't drink whiskey, and talk politics and vote like us." 


Canadian Illustrated News. 

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Graphic material. 


1 photograph : b&w ; 72 ppi. 


Royal BC Archives. 

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