Caste Reflections

The Reckoning of Caste in the Diaspora

Satwinder BainsMy father’s blood is mine, his story beats inside me……Jayli Wolf’s song – Child of the Government My grandfather was taken away and put in 

residential schools when he was a kid. He was taught to forget his native language, his heritage, his culture and even his own name. He refused to speak about … Read more




Practicing Anti-Caste as a Second Generation Millennial

As a 37 year old, I now can call myself an anti-caste advocate. Or atleast someone who is constantly assessing and reassessing how I maintain being an anti-caste advocate through the conversations I have, the work that I do, how I raise my children and how I weave my academics into these conversations. My path … Read more


The Hemisphere of Caste

The hemisphere of caste is a multi-layered, multi-fold inter-woven tapestry which we tuck away in a filthy suitcase trying not to open in public domains as it feels like a tumor under the skin. We project the conversation of caste as a tough topic to discuss which often ends up leading into heated discussions and … Read more





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