1980-1990 Settlers

This is the story of Bhai Vir Singh Pannu, whose life as a Giani (scholar of Sikh scriptures), has led him around the world including Malaysia and Canada. He migrated to Canada in 1989 to become the priest of the newly built gurdwara in Mission, BC and has remained as its priest ever since. To read more about Bhai Vir Singh Pannu, please click here.

This is the story of Naranjan Kaur (nee Sahota) who migrated to Canada in the year 1990 after being sponsored by her daughter. As a single mother of three children (her husband passed away when the children were fairly young) Naranjan Kaur worked very hard on a local farm where she would do a variety of work including berry picking and worked until 11 or 12 at night to earn a living for her family. To read more about Naranjan Kaur, please click here.