1990-2000 Settlers

This is the story of Kanta Naik who was born in Zimbabwe with parents originally hailing from the state of Gujarat, India. After Zambia gained independence in 1964, the country became unsafe and unstable for its residents, leading Kanta and her family to migrate to Canada in 1992. To read more about Kanta’s story, please click here.

This is the story of Piara Singh Bhullar who immigrated to Canada in 1993 after being sponsored by his daughter. In Abbotsford Piara Singh worked on a farm picking berries for seven years and was unfortunately, unable to find a job that suited his qualifications. When he initially came here, he was under the impression that he would be able to get a job that suited his qualifications but was unable to do so which created some frustration. To read more about Piara Singh please click here.