South Asian Canadian Legacy Project: 2020 – 2022

South Asian Canadian Legacy Project (SACLP) aims to raise awareness and knowledge of the valuable contributions of South Asian Canadians to British Columbia’s diverse cultures, history, heritage, economy and society.

The overarching goal of the project is to showcase the community’s resilience in the face of systemic historical injustice, racism and discrimination and to contribute to creating a welcoming and inclusive province free of racism and hate.

The SACLP will create access to new educational materials, digital collections, exhibits and online resources showcasing the historical role of the South Asian Canadians in British Columbia.

The South Asian Canadian community of BC is grateful to the provincial government for its funding support of $1.14 million to the South Asian Studies Institute (SASI) of the University of the Fraser Valley in partnership with the Abbotsford Community Foundation to create and deliver the multi-faceted SACLP in collaboration with diverse organizational partners.

The SACLP will continue up to March 31, 2022 and includes development of the following projects:

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Province of British Columbia